Network Partners

Your organization may become a network partner if you:

  • Manage a pool of customers
    • Don’t manage any customers? You may still be able to join. Contact us at
  • Manage a pool of interpreters
    • Don’t manage any interpreters? You may still be able to join. Contact us at
  • Manage both a pool of customers and interpreters
  • Are interested in developing a pool of customers and/or interpreters to manage

Benefits of working with Unite Languages

  • Start your own interpreting business
  • Connect an existing interpreting business to a large network of interpreters and customers to increase volume
  • 3 modes of interpretation which transcend geographic restraints
  • Current network hosts over 100 languages
  • Access to Unite Languages’ proprietary interpreter training course
  • Social enterprise model: focused on providing an excellent business environment

Become a Network Partner

Training Program

Unite Languages manages a rigorous training program that follows the National Standards for Medical Interpreters set forth by the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC). The training addresses learning components, objectives, and competencies necessary to develop interpreter’s professional skills. The course is 50 hours, and is comprised of 40 hours of in-person/guided training and 10 hours of online/self-guided coursework. While medically focused, the curriculum covers basic interpretation skills needed for a wide variety of settings.

Network Partners

Unite Langauges is recruiting new network partners with customer bases or interpreter pools. Apply today!


Network Partner Application