About Unite Languages

Unite Languages is a full service interpretation network that is also a social enterprise. We strive to provide quality interpretation services and fair, sustainable income for our interpreters.

We provide interpretation services in over 100 languages and are a leader in providing languages of lesser diffusion, or languages with few speakers worldwide. In addition to traditional face-to-face and telephonic interpretation, we also offer audio/visual interpretation which is similar to a Skype call. Our audio/visual calling provides the in-person nuance of face-to-face interpretation, but transcends geographic restraints. In addition to our appointment services, we are also developing on demand interpretation services.


Unite Languages takes pride in the lasting relationships we have with our interpreters. Many of our interpreters have been working with us for years. In fact, many of our refugee interpreters were resettled in the United States by the same partner agencies that they work with today.


Upon joining Unite Languages, each customer or interpreter is introduced to their own Interpreter Coordinator – their main point of contact. We don’t believe customers and interpreters should talk to a different person each time they need help. We encourage our coordinators to build lasting relationships with customers and interpreters so that we can best address their interpreting needs.

Partner Agencies

Unite Languages is administered by the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants in partnership with a national network of partner agencies. The network allows us to offer nationwide services with a personal touch.


The My UL scheduling software was specially designed for Unite Languages by our in-house software design team. As such, we provide all technical support and training for My UL. We also provide support for our audio/visual provider, Blue Jeans.

Mission Statement

Unite Languages’ mission is to offer limited English proficiency (LEP) individuals and those who work with LEPs quality culturally and linguistically appropriate language services which follow the highest standards of confidentiality. We provide interpretation in multiple modes to allow access in the widest variety of circumstances, transcending geography and other obstacles which can limit access to interpretation provision.

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Who We Are

A Social Enterprise

  • A business focused on doing good, not making a profit
  • Revenue subsidizes services for refugee and immigrant clients
  • Employment opportunity for skilled, yet vulnerable, populations
  • Network partners are non-profit organizations

A Professional National Interpreting Network

  • Interpretation services in over 100 languages, both of greater and lesser diffusion
  • Proprietary 50 hour training program for interpreters which follows guidelines of the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC)

A Full Service Interpretation Provider

  • Offering 3 modes of interpretation: face-to-face, over the phone (OPI), video remote (VRI)
  • Video remote interpretation (VRI) has no geographic limitations and includes non-verbal communication cues
  • COMING SOON: On Demand interpretation